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Springing Forward!!!

Hello guys!!! :-)

We are one week into daylight savings and for most, it has been an adjustment to losing an hour of sleep :-(. But for many of us “springing forward” serves a great purpose in mental health.

Typically, daylight savings gives us darker mornings which may not be such a good thing for those of us that are not our typical “morning people” and light evenings which is great for those of us who get of work later in the evenings and we actually get a chance to enjoy some sunshine.

Daylight savings provides the opportunity for people to become more physically active in the evenings by either going for a walk/run, gardening, visiting the park, or engaging in other social activities whether indoor or outdoor. “Having FUN in the SUN” is a slogan that a lot of us have heard. Sunlight assists with depression and balances your mood.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as we continue to adjust our mind and bodies to daylight savings time:

*Do not use electronic devices before going to bed

*Monitor and decrease caffeine intake

*Monitor food intake before bedtime

*Eliminate exercising prior to bedtime

*Create a calm and relaxing environment in your bedroom

Adjustment to daylight savings time typically takes 3-4 weeks for our bodies to adjust. Although, for some, it may be a quick adjustment, others may have a difficult time adjusting.

Thank you for reading!!! :-)

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