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Lets Get Ready to SHINE!!! #NewBlogPost

Hello Everyone!!!! I am Tiara Watford, the owner of Polished Pearls Counseling and Coaching Services, PLLC and welcome to my blogsite!!!

This is my first time blogging and I am soooo excited to start this journey! Here on my blog I will be discussing a wide range of things from mental health, entrepreneurship, and other things that life have a tendency of throwing at us!!

Throughout life I have had numerous adversities that has come my way but I had two choices. Those choices were to either allow those adversities to control my life and make me limited or use those adversities, turn them into a niche, and become limitless!!

Polished Pearls Counseling and Coaching Services, PLLC was designed to assist others with “Putting the Shine Back into Your Life”! Let’s work together by discussing our mental health and learning how to overcome every obstacle that has come your way!!


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