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In the midst of choas....take care of YOU!!!

Hello guys!!!

Welcome back to my blog site!!

I know it has been a while since I submitted my first blog. My schedule has been hectic with balancing all of my life responsibilities, which is what I want to focus my second blog on.

Being a mother, employee, student, daughter, friend, sister, and now entrepreneur has taken some time to quite adjust to changes in my roles.

Balancing multiple roles in life can create stress, anxiety, frustration, and possibly lead to poor habits. While managing multiple roles it is essential to engage in self-care!! Whether it’s taking an hour out of your week and spending it doing absolutely nothing, we must find time for ourselves!!

Engaging in self-care activities can enhance our abilities to perform our duties in our various roles!! Below are a few affordable self-care tactics to implement within your week.

* Seek therapy

* Practice meditation/mindfulness

* Getting proper rest nightly

* Eat cleaner (I know this can be a challenge for those who have hectic schedules, but meal planning will help you tremendously)

* Have lunch or dinner with a friend

* Get a massage

* Go for a walk in the park

* Read a new book


* Spend time alone

* Learn when to say “NO”

* Take a nap

Remember in order to fulfill your duties in life, you must take care of the most important asset which is YOU!! Think of something that will be exciting for you to implement as a part of your self-care. #Selfcare #FollowMe #PPCCS #MentalHealthAwareness

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