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polish your pearls

We help women and men put the shine back into their life through counseling and coaching.

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Speak directly with your counselor in the comfort of your home, office, or car for on-the-spot support therapy.

Feeling dull is mentally exhausting

You are only one person managing the everyday hurdles of your emotions, your job, and the outside world. With each passing day you need more and more mental fuel to keep going; Polished Pearls & Counseling is the place to be for your mental gas. 

Our tele-health counseling service allows you access to a licensed counselor during moments of overwhelm or anxiety.

Remove the limitations on the number of sessions you receive with  Affordable out of pocket rates or insurance coverage.

Polished pearls and counseling respects Your privacy and treatment plan. We follow All hippa policies and never share information.

you deserve happiness and mental stability

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what our previous client said

Recommend this business, it can change your life in a positive way!

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It's time to polish your mind

Gain the mental clarity you’ve been seeking right now in the space where you’re most comfortable. Gone are the days of not feeling in control of your mental health or your plan for treatment. We’re going to ensure you receive the best mental care and cope for the long-term,